In the Dark | Poetry

Red-laced eyelids, dewy fingertips. Heaven’s never felt this fictional amongst warm-blooded bodies.   It’s better down here with foggy lips and sudden smoothness, craving cool touches to the knee.   How could the sky possibly encompass the weight of our limbs so easily pressed and undressed?   When there is already a readied mouth opening andContinue reading “In the Dark | Poetry”

I like your softness | Poetry

I like your softness, It surprises me.   And your child’s voice, your honest voice, I didn’t know you could sound like that.   (This is the best part. Holding you.)   I like when you ramble, And you keep me up at night,   And your familiarity, How easy it is to slip intoContinue reading “I like your softness | Poetry”

Maybe if I stroke their brow | Poetry

Maybe if I stroke their brow Their ego Their foreskin   Maybe if I laugh at their jokes Their fumbling fingers Their false intellectualism   Maybe if I ignore my doubts My midnight ghosts My morning after boredom   I can convince myself they’ll cure Two AM nostalgia Three AM regret And four AM fantasiesContinue reading “Maybe if I stroke their brow | Poetry”